Land & Planning

Land & Planning


Land to Sell?

We are actively looking to buy land in Ayrshire. Our team has a strong track record of working in partnership with land agents, landowners, local authorities, and local communities to develop land successfully and sustainably.

With a dedicated team, we are looking for suitable developments sites to meet our growth strategy. No matter how much we grow, however, it is important to us to still feel like part of the communities in which we live and work which is why we want to maximise the value for landowners and land agents looking to sell land, while designing developments that enhance communities and meet local housing needs.

Land that will be considered:



With & without planning permission

Early consideration of selling land and require assistance

Why Choose Hayhill Developments:

Highly competitive land buying

Specialists with local knowledge

A long history of successful partnership with landowners and land agents

High-quality design-led homes in keeping with local architecture

Community-led planning with consultation throughout

Independently owned, offering strength, depth, and stability in the local land market


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